Making Great Coffee

Coffee posters

A while ago, we released Coffee. A poster series in which we present four of our favourite brewing methods.

Simplicity is key when learning something new, so we came up with a set of straightforward recipes for brewing great coffee. These recipes are to be seen as starting points for your own experimentation.

Eventually, we will dive more into each of the methods – exploring different approaches. Before that, however, there are some general pointers:

  • Buy good beans (from your local roastery)
  • Grind fresh
  • Use good water
  • Let the water come down from a boil before brewing
  • Use a scale
  • Let the coffee cool a bit before drinking
  • Enjoy

Some of these pointers might seem obvious – and some of them might seem odd. Especially the one about good water. What exactly is that?

We live in Denmark where the tap water is quite hard (has high mineral content). Hard water neutralizes the acids giving liveliness as well as fruity and floral aromas to coffee. This can result in flat and bitter coffee.

There are different ways to solve this. The Coffee Collective suggests neutralizing the hardness of the water by adding two teaspoons of lemon juice per litre of water as an easy fix. A water filtration system can be used as well. It is a huge topic in and of itself, and we won’t try to cover it in it’s entirety.

Actually, many of these pointers are huge topics, and a lot of people are more knowledgeable than us.

If you want to go a bit deeper, we recommend the following books:

Both of these books look into sourcing (especially the latter), roasting and brewing.

HOWEVER, you are well on your way by keeping the above pointers in mind.
Start brewing. Experiment and iterate.
Great coffee experiences lie ahead.