Why Coffee?


When we started this company about a year ago, we set out to do simple, beautiful and useful graphics about subjects that we are genuinely passionate about - and subjects that we actually know something about.

This holds true for Waveforms.

Today we are releasing our second poster series, Coffee, and this too is something that’s close to our hearts.

For most people, coffee is an integral part of everyday life. We believe, though, that many has yet to experience truly delicious coffee. This poster series is our way of making it more accessible - through a set of straightforward recipes. At the same time, it’s an homage to some of our favorite brewing devices: I never sit down in my studio without a fresh brewed Chemex by my side, and Frederik’s always got an AeroPress with him in his workshop.

We hope you like the posters as much as we do!

- Flemming

PS. There will be more posters about sound coming in the future. We promise. Check these out, though. Good sound requires good coffee. That's just a fact.